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What I say today is what mohammad ali said once , "It is very hard to be humble when you are as great as me". Lest people may be mistaken I am not into boxing. and therefore I resist from praising myself :)

Friday, February 25, 2005


My idea of bliss was at play for the whole day today (nice alliteration) . Well the idea isn't unique ... but all the same it is mine. I'd like to have a whole library for myself- which I did as there was no one in the IIIT library except me from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, a music system with all my favorite numbers - which too I had from about 2:30 to 5 pm as Rama went to a class, unlimited web access which is always there and no worry for food and drink (I stick to water and the 'softer' ones :) . A person to chat to would complete the list but I guess one has to be patient and wait for that to happen. Hope I experience many such days.

I saw a movie on Wednesday (this is not much of a news to anyone but for a non-movie buff like me it is).The name is BLACK. And I say without reservation that it is one of the best movies I've seen to date. And at the risk of sounding immodest I must also say that I do have a taste for good movies. The storyline (whatever be the allegations of plagiarism) is something like this - there is this girl Michele McNelly (played memorably by one of my favorite actors Rani Mukherjee, but the child actor whose name was Ayesha something was amazing too) is deaf and blind and her life is filled with the color Black until a teacher named Debraj Sahai (Amitabh Bachchan, I am too insignificant to comment) takes up her case and makes her love life. Debraj is afflicted with Alzheimers even as Michele struggles with her academics and it is now upto her to get him back on track.

That was my review.Guess you can find much better reviews on the net. But the movie is a must see for those who appreciate good cinema irrespective of box-office returns. God bless Rama for requesting, coaxing, threatening and finally dragging me along to Prasad's.

The library is now slowly being filled. A surprise visitor is AS who has come to the library after God knows how many days. I vivdly remember her in the library because I had real fun once trying to block this senior of mine who was trying to catch her eye while pretending to read (yawn ... that old telugu film style). As he changed his position I changed mine and it was a nice cat & mouse game until I ended up on the same table as her. The warning by the senior after I left the library and me feigning ignorance were funnier. Imaginative readers may please note that I do not have any 'feelings' for her and it was purely for fun :)

As for non funny incidents there is this guy (call him satellite S). We in IIIT have a tradition of praising people at the drop of a hat.It isn't sincere praise but something for fun and making the receiver uncomfortable (no Hindi or English equivalent to the Telugu word 'dhobadam').As with everything, an overdose of it and that too by the wrong people (like S) pisses off others. I was in a normal mood having f***ed up another exam and he comes and says that we need to have another mid sem for the same subject. I tell him that I can't write one more exam and he blasts off saying that I must have gotten all my guns blazing in the exam etc, etc all harm intended 'dhobadam'.People who know me also know that I rarely get angry and I was now.So I flew off saying that I wondered how people like him who have minimum of any cognizible talent end up in IIIT.Well this is the reverse of 'dhobadam' and it is pretty effective.S was 'star'struck and he is so for the past two days.So I find a new strategy for one recurring problem.'Opportunity from ruins and anger '.

That's it for now.Am starting to feel a bit hungry.Also there is a lot more stuff to be read (in the library that is :) before I go home tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

1, 2, 3 ... and they're over

The midsems are over. Unlike many others I am unable to write expressions like "Whew ! the mid sems are over " or put up status messages in my messenger like "Mid Sems finaaaaalllly over. CS time" etc. That is for people who've struggled through the days before the exams, not for me :) All the same its a relief that the exams are over. I am all for holding such exams at one time (like it is now) rather than having something every week. It gives time for people to do something other than academics. Especially in the first year when you have to start knowing you're strengths and weaknesses. So even if you have three exams in a day ... yenjaaai. 'Short term pain for long term pleasure' shall we say ;) Coming back to the exams they were a mixed bag for me. a mix of bad, worse and average. All negative .... maybe.But one does need to humble sometimes and I've been accused by people that I am humble never. So this is for you folks. As for the facts they were a mix of bad, average and worse ;)

So what am I supposed to do know. Something where I think I am different than many others is that I do not have a sense of emptiness when exams are over or any such major thing happens. Even after felicity it was the same feeling. I do not know whether this is a good thing ot not. But I think that there is a sense of detachment (as Prof. Govindarajulu puts it ;) whenever I do something. Philosophically it is good but I do feel that being more involved does help sometimes. But does this mean emotional involvement ???? I do not know.Must ask sage bhai Vasishta.

I do have tasks to complete though.There is a prof coming from Japan to whom we have to show the GPS project. NLIDB hons project which is festering to say the least. WDM and NLDS course projects with the shocker that my WDM partner RR has left his job at Oracle and consequently IIIT. Tsunami report to the parliament, Felicity account settlement.... etc etc. Seems to be a huge list. Well the more the merrier ;)
Between all this I have to make time to visit home.Been a month and a half and before my folks think I've eloped or joined naxalism or killed by a boar I must show my face once.

Before that some relaxation. The rest of the morning is dedicated to Kurt Cobain and Metallica. That is one priority that is crystal clear and unMISplacable :)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Of MISplaced priorities

Well priorities and me. Never was it a love affair. Else how can one explain me starting to blog with two days to go for mid sems ??? Granted that I never studied for exams. Never !!! well the last time I did was for Crypto last sem and before that was for AIEEE to enter IIIT :) AIEEE was due to consistent insistence by mom and crypto was to give a parting shot to Prof. So the case is that my grades in all the semesters (maybe except the second) reflect the quality of teaching and tutors. Well as Rash wrote I achieved a C grade in a course where 70 % of the class got A or A-. To hell with grades.

Coming back to priorities I always am amazed at the way people prioritize. It borders on the insane sometimes. Well that is the first thing every time management tome seems to suggest too.When did I worry about time.As a believer in freedom (a cut back to my ramayya days) I even left my time free to manage itself. But a recurring thought does occur many a time --- Can everything be prioritized ??? What for example say something like love ? Can it be prioritized too. Can a person decide that --- OK ! now I am here to study and study alone, to keep my parents happy and have no time or patience for the sillier emotions of life (say for instance - love) next would be a job or higher studies then maybe I'll like someone or go out with someone. People seem to do it too.Well I do not know. Must ask someone who is into it.

As for blogging... seems a nice idea. With the time I spend on the comp I guess writing a diary online makes better sense. But what about those emotions which arent for public consumption (one of my favorite phrases).Like all things electronic blogging too is definitely no substitute for your own diary written and locked away.

So here's a toast to blogging but only one with water not champagne.
Happy blogging.