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What I say today is what mohammad ali said once , "It is very hard to be humble when you are as great as me". Lest people may be mistaken I am not into boxing. and therefore I resist from praising myself :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Dr Aditya weds Dr Shuchi

All of us must have graced innumerable marriages with our presence following ernest soliciting in as many wedding cards. My parents give lot of importance to anybody's marriage and never ever miss one to which they are invited . I asked them once why they did so ... they replied that during a marriage muhurtham (the exact instant when the yellow thread is tied to the girl (hindu)... or when the boy kisses the girl (christian)... or at the "kubool hai" (islam) ... or when the signature is made (registered)) Gods bless the couple and it is really a boon to watch a marriage. Though I failed to get the logic of the whole thing I tagged along with them to as many marriages as possible. It was mainly for the decent food and girls... later on food did not carry much of an attraction. I've seen Hindu, Christian, Islamic and Parsee marriages and a couple of registered marriages too. The common features were the bonhomie and joyous atmosphere ... not to mention the ostentatiousness (except in the registered case).

Being Indians we attach a lot of societal importance to marriage . Unlike in the west where the intentions of the boy and the girl are given prime importance (to put it plainly they consider their marriage to be of no business to anyone else) here you need a list of approvals which matches only the Indian bureaucracy in its red tapism. Seeking approval (informing ... if not consent) from parents is understandable and acccording to me sacrosanct ... but from people who otherwise have little to do with your life it defies common sense. Uncles, Aunts, Neighbours long lost cousins and even Non Reliable Indians ... have an invaluable opinion on the issue. Family, community, caste, biradari, village, locality .... for a few weeks a marriage becomes the 'hot' issue with all and sundry discussing it. People might accuse me of living in a time warp ... but the ground realities are not much different.

In this context what does the title mean. The two people in the title were the bridegroom and the bride in a recent marriage that my parents were invited to. What is so surprising with that ? Well I gave just their first names. The guy's name is Akella Srinivasa Aditya ... an orthodox south Indian telugu brahmin and the girl's name is Shuchi Chawla ... a Punjabi from Delhi. My mom said that except the parents no relatives from either side turned up for the marriage.

Just have a look at the achievements of the two of them. Aditya is a JEE 19th ranker and Shuchi is an 80th ranker. Aditya is a guy who inspired a huge number of people including yours truly to put our brains to better use. His inspiration itself sends about 25 people every year to the IITs and many more to other good institutes in the country. Unlike most of the Hyderabadis who do end up in an IIT thanks to a place called Ramaiah (refer to post 'Reporting at 0300 hours' below) but who achieve pretty little after that...Aditya worked hard at IIT too and did his PhD at CMU where he is a researcher now.I do not know much about Shuchi ... but she must have also done equally well if not better as she too ended up in CMU where I guess cupid struck :) For further information on either of them and their works do a google search.

Well the point here is ... it does not matter how intelligent you are, what your achievements are, what your present position is ... if you act in non-conformance with 'society' you've had it. That is the misfortune of our country. All our holy books (I've read only The Bhagvad Geetha .. that too partly) address the individual and guide him/her towards leading a better life... but what happens really is something different. Society in its various manifestations lays seize to individual self. Death to the individual ... we want herds, seems to be the motto. Else how can you explain people letting something as personal as a marriage turn into a Social challenge. We need to get out of this suppression of the individual at the earliest if we want to call ourselves developed.

If at all Aditya or Shuchi happen to read this ... first of all I am proud that you came to my blog :) I am sorry if I invaded your private space. Secondly congrats on deciding to listen to your heart (and maybe brain). And to Aditya ... thanx for all the inspiration ... but I really wonder how many of us will really be allowed to be inspired by this act of yours. Wish you a Happy married life !!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Telugu vArandaram teluge mAtlAdudAm

This title is the topic of an Elocution Competition held in my college as a part of the Independence Day celebrations. It roughly translates to "Let all telugu peoples talk in telugu". The issue is not racist as it sounds. It only indicates that that one has to be proud of ones own culture and traditions and not forget them. I am sure that even non telugus would agree with this contention.

There were also English and Hindi Elocution competitions. I usually speak decently in English on stage ...but I never ever spoke in Telugu . I once participated in a singing competition but that was way back in 1993 and that too in a group. I could never comprehend why I was selected in that group :) I am extremely poor at the language and possess improper pronunciation and usage...forget about professing any style or skill. Given the topic "Has Western culture eroded Indianness" the English thing would not have been very tough ... at least at the preparation stage. But here was a challenge (to give a speech in Telugu) and what kind of a Man (or for that matter woman) is he if he does not take up a challenge (sounds filmi ... it is filmi). I reproduce the speech here verbatim. In case there are any requests I'll provide an English translation at a future stage. The longer vowels are in CAPS. I'd like to thank my friends Pranav, Gopal, Aravind & Kranthi for helping me out.

manamu telugu vAllam rA !!! ani mA nAnnagAru chinnappudu anEvAru. A mAta annappuddalla nAnnu oka prasna guchchuthU vundEdhi. manamu telugu vAllama...yE telugu...adE manadhi yE telugu:

  • yEndi yE telugu antArentI ... mEyamma gAridhi thugo jilla.adE telugu.
  • atta setthaventi mE nAnnadhi sEkAkulam.adE telugu.
  • annA antha seenu ledhu.mana hyderabAdi ne asli telugu.

Ee ayomayamulo padda nEnu oka nirnayAniki vachchAnu.asalu Ee rojullO telugu nerchukune avasaram lEdani.edo vaduka ga telugu vachchu kAbatti vatti Anglamu nerchukunte chAlu kadA.ani nannu nenE convince chesukunnanu.telugu bhAsha ni lite teesukunnanannamAta.Lord Macaulay annattu Anglamu lo mAtaladadame kAkunda Anglamu lo mAthrame Alochinche oka BhAratEyudigA,telugu vAdiga mAripoyanu.ala mArinanduku nAkeppudu bAdha kalugaledu.thalli dhandrula voththidi valla prathi Adivaram Enadu chadivevAdini.A vokkate telugu bhAshatho na sambandham.

kAni kodhdhi rojula kritam.oka pusthakamulo:

telugu jAthi manadhi, ninduga velugu jAthi manadi
telangana nAdhi, sarkaaru nAdhi
nellooru nAdhi, rayalaseema nAdhi
anni kalasina telugu nAdu manade manade manade ra...

anna sinare gAri mAtalu chadivina taruvAtha nA meda nAke jAli vesindhi.telugu vAdiga puttina nenu telugu goppadananni telusuko leka poyAne anna bAdha kaligindhi.

A madhya jaripina oka internet survey (ivi boledu jaruguthu vuntAyi lendi) lo ... bharateeya bhashallo antharinchi pothunna vati jaabitha lo telugu kooda vokati. Idhi kodhdhiga athisayokthi ga anipinchindhi.naaku aashcharyam vesindhi.intha mandhi maatladuthunnam kada telugu bhAsha antharinchipovadam emiti anipinchindhi.

asalu vishayam tharuvaatha ardham ayyindhi.asalu ippudu manamu maatlededhi telugena ani.chitrlatho prabhavithamaina telugu manadhi.telugu rangasthalam daadapuga antharinchipoyindhi.Telugu sAhityaniki, telugudhanAniki pedda peeta vesina telugu chalanachitralu E rojullo pEruku maathrame telugu chitralu.avi inkevo bhaashavi annA kooda aascharya povakkarledu.manchi saahityam assalu ledha ani evaraina adigithe... vundhandi.ekkado vokato rendo...

Perati lona penchukunna muddhabanthi la

Perugu lona nanchukunna aavakayala

anna andamaina saahityam voka ethaithe.

rama chilakamma prema molakamma


raammma chilakamma premmma molakamma

ani maarchina uchcharana maroka eththu. Ikkada meeru nannu thappuga ardham chesukune avakaasam vundhi.aa paata ante naaku kooda isthame.kaani daani telugu paata ani anakandi.adedo uttara bharatadesa gaayakudu paadadani nenu ikkada ee prasthavana teesuku raledu.Kala ku yellalanevi vundavu.nijame vundavu.kaani bhashani bhrasthu pariche arahatha evarikI ledu. Cinemallo mAthrame kaadu ... pusthakaallo, rachanallo ekkada choosthe akkada idi spasthamga kanipisthundhi.

Evaro aathmabhimananni bhanga parichArani anna NTR garu party pettaru.Ivala mana aathmabhimaananni maname bhanga paruchukuntunnamu.Evaru party pedathaaru.

Bhaasha yokka ee balAthkaranni (chaala balamaina padamani naaku telusu) apadamanedhi mana chethullo maathrame vundhi. Mana bhaasha goppadannani chaatukovalante mundhu adhi goppadhani manamu nammali. Prakhyatha tamila kavi subrahmanya bharathi gari maatallo cheppalante:

Sindhu nadilo,challani vennello
payaninchaali naavalo
vinaali kerala Adapaduchula nOta oka pAta
a pAta telugaithe ne kadha madhuram
Au rA A pAta telugaithe ne kadhA madhuram

Bhaashabhimaanam gurinchi manamu aravvAlla nunchi bengalEla nunchi chaala nerchukovachchu.Kaani kontha mandhi bhaashabhimaananni ithara bhaashala patla chAndhasa vaadamani anukuntaru.idhi chaala baadhakaramaina vishayam.Advertisement boardulu mana bhaashalone vundalani, parliament lo telugu lone maataladalani, ithara bhaashala vaalla samakshamulo kooda telugu lone maatladadam...ilantivi cheyyadam valla mana bhaasha goppadhananni penchkapovadame kaakunda itharulaki telugu patla agaurava bhavam kaligisthundhi.

Prapancheekarana sarva vyapyam ayina ee rojullo aaglamu nerchukovadam entho avasaram. kaani daaniki telugu marichipovakkarledu. mari emi cheyyali anna prasna thappaka vasthundhi.

Bhaasha goppadanam telusu kovalante mundhu bhaasha telusukovali.telugu vaallandaram telugu lo rayadam , telugu chadavadam telusukovali. Mana peddavaallu telugu aksharalu gunramuga raayamane vaaru. Adhi enduko naaku eemadhyane telisindhi. thalakattuni vadilesthe telugu bhaashalo prathi aksharam vruttamuyokka bhaagalatho nirminchbadinadhi.Every letter is made of the arcs of a circle. ee nijam bhaasha telisina vaallaku maathrame telusthundhi.

Alage manchi pusthakalanu chadavaali, sahityanni, naatakaalani prothsahinchali.Telugu bhaasha kooda computerlaku atheetham kaadu.manamu rachayithalamo, kavulamo kaadhu... kaani bhaasha abhivrudhdhiki manavanthu krushi manamu kooda cheyyochchu. computer scientistuluga telugu fonts tayyaru cheyadam, telugu machine translatorlanu cheyyadam, mobile phonelalo telugulo SMSlu pampinchukune saukaryalu kalipinchadam ... ivi mana bhaasha ku manamu cheyyagalige konni sevalu maathrame. Evari vanthu pani vaallu chesthe bhasha antharinche vishayame asalu marichipovachchu. Bhaasha goppadanAnni chaatukunna vaallamavuthamu. desha bhaashalandhu telugu lessa anna Srikrishnadevarayuli maataku appude saarthakatha labhisthundhi.

Telugu bhaasha loni thiyyadanam
telugu jaathi loni goppadanam
ivi telusukunnavaariki
teluge oka moola dhanam

anduke andaru telugulo maatladandi.telugu vaaramani garva padandi.