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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Forget and Forgive ...

Many of us might have heard of this quote. I always had some reservations with it. What the heck ? For many of us, past insults and failures are the spurs to future endeavors. Maybe not a positive way to get inspired ... but again what the heck. Inspiration is inspiration. That urge to get back ... ahhhh that vengeful nature. This is what drives many people crazy and who said craziness is a wrong thing. I might be committing blasphemy here but if Gandhi was not thrown out of the train that night ... would he have got on to do the things he did. I find it hard to believe that his subsequent actions at least in the initial days did not have at least something personal. As the Americans say - "Don't get mad, get even"

Is it possible to really forgive someone ? It becomes a very serious question dealing not with minor issues like - your friend or someone becoming ungrateful and moreover justifying their actions as expediencies, ditching you for a date or a chat, backbiting or some such thing. I really mean those grave injustices that were meted out to you, the tortures of the heart and the ego bashing that you were subject to (I am not sure which of the two hurts more). The possibly life-long wounds that refuse to heal and start to bleed at the slightest provocation or slight and sometimes mere sight.

The point is we can't really forget these things. Hence it becomes even more difficult to forgive the 'antagonists' concerned. And, because you can’t forget them, however much you try to explain, justify, rationalize or even empathize with them and their possible reasons to hurt you (maybe it was unintended after all) - you tend to come back to the basic question- why did he/she/they do this to me? Of all the people- me ? Why me ? GOD !!!

All these fucking self-help books say "Move on in Life" , "Don't carry all that unnecessary baggage" etc etc. Don't the buggers know how difficult that is. We are not philanthrophists.

Sometimes efforts are made. We look back, resolve to forget and start rebuilding our lives bit by stumbling bit. We try to keep the older wounds out of this new world. But one minor incident or an unintended situation brings all the memories and ... what do I say !!! Back to square one.

Mostly this is because the hurt was caused by people who are close to us. As some Urdu poet said -

Gairon ke diye huey zakhm toh jaldi bhar jaate hain, par yeh jo zakhm apno ke diye hote hain, woh shayad kabhi nahi bharte.(It is easier to heal the wounds caused by others, but the ones caused by those close to us probably never can be healed.)

Those close to us. Those whom we respect, admire, appreciate and maybe even love . People whom we wanted to be friends with. But the whole thing gets botched up and to add to the frustration it becomes impossible to pinpoint the blame. As old Telugu movies say the easiest way out is to blame the situations (paristhithula prabhaavam). But the situations are themselves our creations.

To be fair to the self-help people it does cost a lot emotionally to carry these wounds. Wont we be better served if our brain is free of this clutter. I am sure we are. I usually think of this (among many other things) but was forced to write on this topic when my neighbour pointed out to a discussion in an online community in orkut called 'Ramaiah'(Refer post "Reporting 0300 hrs"). A member of the community wanted to know how many of the members would be attending Mr Ramaiah's funeral. FYKI the man is hale and hearty. To his 'credit' that is the kind of 'respect' and 'feeling' he has been able to elicit from his students. To his credit (without quotes) he has many devotees too. I've been unable to forgive him for the past 5 years. However my opinions are not so pungent (maybe even sadistic) as the funeral guy. Really ... what use is carrying all that baggage.

Hence I made a decision today. I decided to feel like God (as the Bajaj Avenger ad goes :) and am unconditionally forgiving all those who I feel have hurt me. I'd make my effort to rebuild the burnt bridges. With no reservations at all to ask forgiveness if I was wrong. And in some cases I'd like to forget the burnt bridges totally and just move on. Because there is no stake either in rebuilding nor in taking revenge. So just press 'Ignore'.

I feel light already.

As a few people accuse me of being totally selfish (eminently laughable of course ... who isn't , btw I asked the person if partially selfish was acceptable. no answer was forthcoming). Let this be another act of selfishness.

Forgiveness is a selfish act because of immense benefits to the one who forgives.
- The Quotations Page


Blogger Lord of all Things said...

yaas yaas!! very gud thinking u doing im seeing!! and i am agreeing with you in forgiving and all not possile all the time but the u know being all*modest* i am saying i am already being like this and all!! yaas and i likeing bajaj avenger ad also :D athoh for different reasons like for eggjample the guy:D looks nice wonly no??:P and bike also ve nice wonly:D

keep up writing nice :D

btw if u have been wondering ..?yes i am a bit mad 2 day!!

10:50 PM  
Blogger mythalez said...

whew ... watever was the spark that caused this ignition ....
forgive ... forget etc etc
i believe in 'dont care' :D

1:46 AM  
Blogger Ravi said...


trying to sound cool aren't you :)

well even you know it does not work that way.

6:47 AM  
Blogger agastyabhrata said...

I surely agree with you on Self-Help books.

As for "As a few people accuse me of being totally selfish (eminently laughable of course ... who isn't , btw I asked the person if partially selfish was acceptable. no answer was forthcoming). Let this be another act of selfishness"

I do not want to comment on you.

You seem to be raising some interesting things.

Strong actions do come out of strong reasons - I ask you to evaluate - if being thrown out of train is a strong enough reason in itself? Why is it that there was only one Gandhi and not many when an innumerable number of people were thrown out of trains?

" I find it hard to believe that his subsequent actions at least in the initial days did not have at least something personal."

Let me point out that there was everything personal about his actions. The issue is what is personal to him was not limited to his own person, but the whole world - not just India. The difference lies in the way he could perceive things entirely in the broad framework of things. Read Hind Swaraj to get a peep into what the Gandhi felt.

"Is it possible to really forgive someone?" - Unless an effort is made, you never know. The analysis that you provide is something that provides the basis for looking at alternative ways of perceiving life.

Think about this and just go through your analysis again.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Ravi said...


Well ... to put the selfishness thing in perspective, an argument can always be made that Gandhi had a strong ego (not a big ego ... I hope you get the difference). He took it personal instead of thinking it as strictly business (of the official concerned). That the 'personal' turned out to be as you defined was a matter of providence. The rest of the folks (who were thrown out of trains) did not take it personal, they were reasonable and thought that for good or bad things would be like that. Gandhi was not reasonable (as in the above sense). I never said that it was a reason. It was maybe a seminal moment, a vital push nothing more but definitely nothing less.
As far as perceiving life in alternate ways ... this post suggests that I've decided to consider another alternative. Hopefully for the better :)

2:05 PM  
Blogger agastyabhrata said...

" That the 'personal' turned out to be as you defined was a matter of providence"

well... I contest this. If man can draw the path that he intends to take - the matter of providence shall come into picture when one considers the outcome of the matter. The path itself may not be a matter of providence under this scenario.

I believe that Indian way is better than American. And this is the alternate way which I pointed out. If you are enamored by the American's thought, I shall definitely ask you to take a look back at the Indian roots

6:53 PM  
Blogger Devansh Mittal said...

Your analysis is really appreciable. But i would like to present some views which might seem a bit contradictory to what you said ..

"Forgiveness is a selfish act because of immense benefits to the one who forgives"

Well i think we need to reconsider the definition of forgiveness, and who deserves to forgive.

I remember in my 9th standard in course of Hindi we had a chapter "Mahabharat ki ek saanjh", i remember one of its statements "Daya usi ko dikhani chahiye jismein dand dene ki shaki ho". Now if you consider this statement, then two situation arises, if you are a well capable person who can take revenge of your all past insults and if still you are forgiving and forgetting then that act will not be considered as the act of selfishness, but in my opinion it will be an act of patience. On the other hand if you are NOT capable to take the revenge, then forgiveness and forgetting will be a compromise with the situation, and in that case it might be considered as the act of selfishness.

As far as past insults and hurts are concerned, so i would like to say, no one can insult us and no one can hurt us, our EGO causes us to feel insulted, and our expections causes us to feel hurt, but it is really not easy to have NO ego and to not to expect anything from anybody. When someone is close to us we start expecting something from him, which may later hurt, if those expectations are not fullfilled.
OK we can at least stop expecting anything from ppl, but what about EGO ?? is it really possible to have no ego ?? as the obvious answer will come out it is not. If we are equally resposible for making some1 to insult us then forget anf forgive is the correct strategy, but if some1 insulted us without any reason then forget and forgive thing may be considered as compromise with the situation or an act of patience depending on whether the person is capable of taking his revenge or not.

3:22 AM  
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